Annie's Showmobiles
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Standard Features

Our Staging Features:

Unitized body construction and rear impact guard that meets or exceeds federal codes and regulations.

Four manual levelers and two removable crank handles.

Weather channels, all stainless steel hardware, high durability finishes and minimal external fasteners for advanced weather ability.

Structural panels keep the weight down while creating an acoustically reflective environment.

Non-skid deck material provides sure footing and is modular for easy maintenance.

A closed hydraulic system with removable remote control for enhanced safety.

Built-in fluorescent lighting.

Conveniently placed electrical hookups and accessory ports for lighting, sound and accessory equipment.

Electric brakes and hitch-mounted, breakaway switch.

Stairway, power cables, battery charger, cargo tie downs, towing kit included.

Patented and patents pending.

Your Showmobile can also be built with these options:

Electrical upgrade Hydraulic leveling ADA lift Custom graphics.

Accessories that can be added to your Encore at any time:
Portable Versalite stage extension decks that are sturdy and lightweight - about 100 lbs. each.

Light Bars - each holds up to 4 par fixtures providing a system that is fast, easy and transports in place.

Weighted draperies in a variety of color options.

Stage railings

ADA ramp

Additional stairway units

Portable generator

Lighting fixture packages

Sound system packages

Creating a performance area or event stage with Encore is as fast and easy as it gets. Five easy steps and the Showmobile is set up.
1. Tow it to the site and unhitch the towing vehicle.
2. Level the Showmobile.
3. Open and position the end panels.
4. Hydraulically deploy the roof/canopy.
5. Hydraulically deploy the stage.

If the event calls for a little something extra, add stairways, drapes, extra decking, lighting, sound or other accessories of your choice.

Hook up the power and youre ready to go.

After more than 42 years and 1000 Showmobile units, the Showmobile has been developed to give you the best of the best.



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